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Treat Infertily And Let Your Dream Of Motherhood Come True..

Infertility is a common concern for human reproductive health today. With a growing incidence, threatening the very existence and wellness of mankind, infertility disorders are seen to affect male and female population equally. About 18% of the couples in the world are known to be affected by the issues of infertility.

Female infertility refers to the inablity of a woman to conceive and deliver a baby successfully, even afterrepeated and unprotected intercourse for about an year. It can occur due to a number of factors ranging from reproductive organ disorders to hormonal imbalances.  Other factors affecting female infertility includes age, lifestyle, genetic factors, environmental factors and so on. 


 Causes of Female Infertility

The main causes associated with female infertility are as follows: -

Ovulation disorders - they cause about 25% of infertility cases in women. Ovulation disorders result in infrequent or absence of ovulation, thus hampering the ability of a women to conceive. The major ovulation disorders include PCOS, premature ovarian failur, hypothalamus dysfunction and so on.

Tubal infertility - these are caused due to damages or blockages to fallopian tubes. This can occur due to diseases like pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic tuberculosis or damage from prior surgeries.

Endometriosis - diseases like endometriosis can affect female fertility as well.
Uterine and cervical irregularities - uterine and cervical irregulaties like polyps, cervical stenosis, uterine abnormalities and so on can cause female infertility.


Treatment for Female Infertility

The treatment methodology for female infertility is based on a number of factors such as age of the patient, cause of infertility, severity of the issue and so on. the treatment regimen involves, medication, restorative surgical procedures to eliminate the issues hindering fertility or artificial reproduction techniques for successful conception of a baby. 

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